.Too many people believe that the Tax Inspector won't target them
.But the facts speak for themselves...

.You should be aware:

.Tax investigations can be chosen completely at random
.Full enquiries can take 2 years on average to settle
.Additional accountancy fees can be as high as £10,000 to deal with this specialist work
.Without professional representation, you will be at the mercy of HM Revenue & Customs



A tax investigation is a very stressful time.

We aim to ensure your investigation is resolved with the best possible outcome for you, not HM Revenue & Customs.

Do not employ an unqualified "accountant".

Instruct Alan Boddy & Co, a fully, professionally qualified firm of Chartered Accountants, to deal with your case. There is no charge for initial advice. Please don't hesitate to contact us for a confidential consultation.

Could this be You?

A Dental Practice experienced a full enquiry into the dental records of the practice and the personal letting income of the owner. After almost 18 months of investigation it was discovered the practice had overpaid tax and was due a repayment! The accountancy fees during this time were over £7,200.

A family-owned Garage was subjected to an investigation into supposed discrepancies in the stock levels. The enquiry lasted almost a year and also looked at the personal financial records. Eventually the Revenue found no additional tax liability but the defence costs were over £5,900.

A Car Dealership was investigated for 2 years into the technicalities of the transfer of their Partnership to a Limited Company and looked into the Capital Allowances and Capital Gains issues. Ultimately there was no additional tax due but the accountancy fees for the defence were nearly £15,000!

Would you be happy to pay these costs?

Didn't think so...

Tax Investigations Protection

Our Tax Investigations package reimburses the costs of our professional fees in the event you are investigated by HMRC.

You can sleep easy knowing that your defence costs are covered. You can fight HM Revenue & Customs with full professional representation.

Too many people try to take on the taxman themselves, but more often than not, this results in them being forced to accept unreasonable demands. The right expertise, more importantly at no cost, can make all the difference to the outcome of a tax enquiry.

What am I protected against?

The package insures our professional fees up to £75,000 if you suffer one of the following investigations:

Income Tax Self Assessment Enquiries

Corporation Tax Self Assessment Enquiries

HMRC VAT Disputes

Employer Compliance Disputes

IR35 Enquiries